Rupanyup Primary School

primary schoolRupanyup Primary School is situated in the heart of the Wimmera wheatbelt. Many of our families derive their income from the land.

The nearest major population centre is forty-five kilometres West.

Rupanyup Primary School is a member of the Dunmunkle Cluster, which includes the Minyip, Marnoo and Rupanyup Primary Schools, Our Lady’s and the Murtoa P-12 College.

The Cluster has long shared resources, Professional Development, staff and planning. Close cooperation exists between the schools. In 2004, the cluster entered the Innovations & Excellence program, promoting transition and middle years of schooling.


22 Dyer Street, Rupanyup, Vic. 3388


Principal: Gavin Young

Ph: 03) 5385 5125

Fax: 03 5385 5325


Meeting Date & Times

3rd Tuesday of each month – T.B.A.


President: Rodney Weidemann.
Secretary: Gavin Young
Committee Members: Gavin Young, Linda Schampers, Whitney Kingston, Fred Zolj, Leslie Boan, Rodney Weidemann, Chris O'Bryan, Matt Downer, Matt Hurley, Caroline Teggerth, Tim Loats

Murtoa P-12 College

highschoolMurtoa College is located in a small rural community in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria. It is a P-12 school which operates on a single campus.

The P-6 enrolments are currently 65 and 240 students are enrolled in Years 7-12. Senior Campus students from Rupanyup together with those from Minyip, Glenorchy, Marnoo and Horsham make the journey to Murtoa by bus each day.

The College promotes a shared commitment to excellence in life long learning.


Webb Street (PO Box 156), Murtoa, Vic. 3390


Ph: 03) 5385 2381

Fax: 03) 5385 2657

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Rupanyup Primary School   03) 5385 5125
Rupanyup Kindergarten   03) 5385 5224
Murtoa College   03) 5385 2381

Rupanyup Kindergarten


55 Cromie Street (PO Box 8), Rupanyup, Vic. 3388


Stephanie Grainger

Ph: 03) 5385 5224

Meeting Date & Times

Weekly (Wed and Friday)
4 Year Olds: 9am - 2pm
3 Year Olds: 9am - Midday


President: Virginia McQueen
Vice President: Claire Morgan
Secretary: Andrea Weidemann
Treasurer: Kellie Oxbrow
Committee Members: Robyn Shand, Jennie Downer, Anthony Chapman, Whitney Kingston, Renee Maher, Karina Polkinghorne, Calinda Hurley

Mission Statement/Purpose

To raise the necessary funds to provide an attractive & up-to-date facility for kinder aged children